Courtesy of tremainetheplayboy.com

It’s safe to say that we were all shocked last month when we learned that “Mr. Steal Your Girl” was premiering a reality show that he cooked up with VH1. If you’re like me and the rest of Trey’s Angels, you were probably saying to yourself (and on Instagram): why the hell is Trey getting a reality show? He damn sure doesn’t need one, let alone one about finding love.

Courtesy of The Breakfast Club

Well, thanks to an interview with The Breakfast Club, we soon learned that the reality show was fake and used as a marketing tool for Trey’s new album, Tremaine.

I think  just with the way people consume music, the way people love reality tv, and they way people love drama; just the illusion that that could be something I was doing was a great way to introduce new music” , explained Tremaine.

Courtesy of tremainetheplayboy.com

And the “show” was a smart move because it had us all fooled and tuned in. During the episodes, Trey debuted his new singles, “Nobody Else But You“, “Playboy“, “Song Goes Off“, “She Lovin’ It“, and “Animal” from the new album. The episodes also tell a story about missing love and getting caught in the “playboyness” of it all, which makes it difficult to find and keep it.

Well, we can’t wait for this album to drop on 3.24 so we can further learn exactly who Tremaine is. Be sure to check out the episodes of Tremaine The Playboy and get Trey Songz’s new album, Tremaine, on ITunes.