Photo by Soul Reflectionz

Today is Valentine’s Day and that means love is in the air ❤ Whether your relationship status reads single, with bae, or it’s complicated, we hope you are receiving all the love you can today.

To help with that, we thought we’d put together a playlist of songs that’ll help put you in the mood:

10. Jagged Edge – Promise

“Promise” is a great song for getting date night started on Valentine’s Day (and well..any day). This song is letting your partner know you promise to be with them no matter what, through thick and thin ❤

9. All The Things (Your Man Won’t Do) – Joe

Fellas..this one is for you. When your WCW has a man thats not worth being her MCM. You step in, sing this song, and BAM! You got her. *Hint: make sure you mention the cream part so she won’t say no…I don’t know, it might work*

8. Weak – SWV

Ladies…this one’s for you. When you’re just reminiscing about how good bae has been to you and you just want to sing it to him…or the mirror..with the brush.

7. Beauty – Dru Hill

No need to be bias because this one is for all of us. Fellas, you can sing it to your girl; or ladies, you can sing it to yourself. It’s all love ❤

6. Alone Together – Daley

For my soul people…shoot, just sing it!

5. Say Yes – Floetry

This one right here is definitely fit to getting you to feel some type of way. I mean, “all you gotta do is say yes/don’t deny what you feel”.

4. Permission – Ro James

Now “with your permiisssiiioooonn/tonight I wanna be a little me on you/Do you know what I’m talkin’ about baby? *inserts eye emoji*

3. Speechless – Beyonce

Ladies..this one is to let your man know that he drives you crazy (but in a good way lol). Let him know that the loving he gave you left you speechless

2. So Anxious – Ginuwine sure to let your girl know that you’re anxious for tonight. That the way she’s wearing her hair, makeup, and dressed it up and like its real for you has put you in the mood.

  1. Az Yet – Last Night

And Finally, maaaannn this one. This one is for the day after. Let bae know that the loving was so good you saw “the sun, the moon, the mountains, AND the rivers”. Can I get an Amen?

Well, whether with bae or by yourself, these songs are good for any occasion. What are some of your favorite love songs?