Yesterday was the best day ever for women all around the world as they united for a common cause: women’s rights. With being one of the biggest protest in history, 2.3 million women from places like New York, Miami, Boston, and Chicago marched to let the world know that they mean business.

The ladies demonstrated their power by showing up and showing out with powerful signs and messages:

While some of the signs were strictly serious, some signs were hilarious (but factual):

Some women even had signs to give our new President a message. And they also let us not forget who voted for him *inserts eye emoji*:

Not only did the ladies have a message, but Bernie Sanders and Frank Ocean as well:

There were  a lot of diversity as women from all backgrounds joined this beautiful cause:

Along with the women, a lot of men and children also joined the march…and had some powerful signs of their own:

To make the Women’s March even more powerful, some big names like Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Janelle Monae, Zoe Kravitz, Yandy Smith, Debbie Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Maxwell, and so much more joined in.

And what way to celebrate this cause than with a befitting message from the legendary, Tupac:

Keep ya head up ladies. The more we come together and unite as one, the more we’ve won!