Today, the new season (cycle) of America’s Next Top Model premieres on VH1 at 10pm with a new host (Rita Ora), new judges (Ashley Graham, Law Roach, and Drew Elliot), and Tyra Banks as executive producer. In celebration of #ANTM’s return, we thought that we’d take a trip down memory lane with some of the most memorable and iconic moments of the past seasons (cycles).

  1. “Be quiet Tiffany! We were all rooting for you!”


You know this had to be number one. We all remember the iconic blow up between Tyra and Cycle 4 contestant, Tiffany. It happened because Tiffany wasn’t showing emotion on the night she got eliminated and it seemed as though she didn’t care.

Here’s the video below:

2. The iconic smize (smile with your eyes)

Tyra introduced us to smizing in the earlier cycles of America’s Next Top Model, but made it an iconic model pose throughout the years.

3. Tyra’s “Shake Ya Body” Music Video

We could not forget the iconic music video that took Tyra from supermodel to music artist (well at least for one cycle). Tyra rewarded a few models from Cycle 2 who had the best runway walks to appear in the video.

4. Jade’s Covergirl Fail

We all know that Jade from Cycle 6 was extra. But, the icing on the cake (well maybe not the icing…) was when Jay Manual was teaching her how to improvise in her Covergirl commercial. She improvised so much that she forgot her lines!

5. Jade’s Elimination Speech

This was the icing on the cake.

6. The time Tyra made the models walk in dangerous high-heeled stilettos

There were times when Tyra has made it clear to the ladies that sometimes, models have to wear things that aren’t so sensible: and these high heels were no exception. While most of the girls, stumbled, Danielle completely fell and had to crawl back to the sitting area. She even displaced her pinky toe. (Modeling is dangerous ya’ll)

Well, be sure to tune into Cycle 23 of America’s Next Top Model, premiering tonight at 10pm on VH1 for more memorable moments.