The Game kept it “8 more than 92” for sure today on the Wendy Williams Show.

For the past few days, we’ve all wondered what’s been going on with The Game, Meek Mill, and Sean Kingston with all the back and forth on social media; including the rap diss that Meek and Game both dropped for each other.

Well, this morning,  Game appeared on the Wendy Williams Show to discuss everything (and i mean EVERYTHING). When asked what’s going on with the situation, he replied, “it’s just a little hip hop beef.” But we all know how those could end. Even Wendy mentioned the Tupac and Biggie beef that happened in the 90’s.

Although The Game is a pillar of his community with the Robinhood Project and mending relationships with the police, he can’t seem to let this situation go. Wendy also mentioned that he has his kids to take care of and asked how far did he think the situation would go, he simply responded, “I just take it day by day.”


And you know Wendy had to have ALL the deats. So it was no surprise when she asked him if he REALLY slept with any Kardashians like he mentions in his song “Sauce”.

He shied away from answering the question (directly), but we’ve figured it out.

Game implied, without any disrespect to their current spouses, that he has done Kim, Khloe, and Blac Chyna, who isn’t a Kardashian (YET!).

Messy, messy. Well, for more details on this interview, check out the clip below: