It has been reported, early this morning, that Chris Brown has allegedly threatened a woman with a gun while the two were in his home having an argument.

As the investigation began, Chris Brown took to Instagram to state his claim that the allegations are certainly untrue. Apparently, he was asleep the entire time and was awaken by authorities and reporters outside of his home.

He claims: “Every three months ya’ll come up with something bro, what’s going to be next? And all this news sh*t ya’ll ain’t doing nothing but giving me better publicity.”

He also said: “When I call the police and for a stalker that is endangering my life, y’all don’t come until the next day, but let something be said about me and y’all got the whole f**king swat team..”


Further into the investigation, we learned that the accuser is beauty pageant title holder, Baylee Curran. She accused him of pulling the gun when Brown had a few friends over and some uninvited guests appeared. Curran told TMZ that she was in the hot tub when Chris and his friends went crazy after she and a friend admired some jewelry the friend was showcasing.

According to Baylee, Chris’ crew tried to make her sign a non-disclosure agreement and wouldn’t let her take her phone until she did. She said she refused to sign it, and then she and her friend left.

Later on in the day, celebrities Safaree, Lil Mama, Cardi B, and Ray J, who claims to be with Brown while the incident was happening, took to Instagram in Chris’ defense.

Meanwhile, through all the madness, Nia Guzman took a claim to say that Chris’ daughter, Royalty, was in the home while all the commotion was happening.

E! News is reporting that Royalty was taken to school this morning and that Nia immediately picked her up to take her to a “safe place” after word of the assault got out. Chris lawyer then counterclaimed that Royalty was not with Chris at all during that time and still isn’t.

According to NBC News,  Chris could face up to three years in a California state prison if the LAPD can prove that he was in possession of a gun.

Currently, the police are still at the home searching guests in front of his driveway.