Courtesy of WEtv (couples from left to right: Lisa D’Amato & Adam Friedman, Toya Wright & Memphitz, Tara Reid & Dean May, Michelle Money & Cody Sattler, Brittish Williams & Lorenzo Gordon)

WEtv’s show, Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars, aired on June 10th this year. Since then, viewers have learned a lot about the couples. With the help of marriage counselors Elizabeth and Jim Carroll and Divorce Court’s Judge Lynn Toler, the couples will continue to learn what it is that they need in order to make their marriages work.

*Note: I recognize that WE are all human. The following comments are based on my opinions and what I believe will work for the couples*

For one, we learned about the problems that they were having and where they came from.

Lisa & Adam

Courtesy of WEtv

Lisa and Adam’s problem is that Adam has an obsession with doomsday preparation, which drives Lisa crazy. Adam wants Lisa to stop living a “wild life” and get serious about protecting her family, but Lisa just can’t live like that.

While in the house, they learned to listen to each other’s fears and to be cautious when communicating them. Judge Toler even (loosely) told Adam: “stop trying to be in control so you can live.”

My thoughts: I agree with Judge Toler 😉

2. Toya & Memphitz (my favorite couple 😉 )

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Toya and Mickey’s problem is that they both are trying to figure out how to be married all while still having their independence. For six months, they have lived separately to try and achieve their independent goals. However, it seems that there is more to the story.

During the pilot episode, Montel Williams helped them reveal a secret about their marriage: Memphitz used the “hall pass”, which was explained by Toya to be a joke that was taken unexpectedly serious.

During their time in the house, they learned that they need to communicate more and they are more connected than they think, if they just listen to each other.

My thoughts: I feel that it’s a tug-a-war for control for this couple. When Mickey got into a situation some time back with another reality star, everything was taken away from him; therefore, he couldn’t be “the man of the house” during that time. Meanwhile, Toya stepped up and became more successful than she already was. In effect, Mickey may have felt like less of a man who couldn’t provide for his family while his wife’s success meter was rapidly growing, which she wasn’t ready to let go of when his success started to grow back.

But, they have learned to listen to each other’s needs and to try not to be in control of one another.

3. Tara & Dean *inserts side eye emoji*

Courtesy of WEtv

It has been said that Tara and Dean’s problem is that their busy schedules strains their relationship and came to Marriage Boot Camp to try and solve that problem.

Well here’s my thoughts: they can’t fix a problem if they don’t open up! For the past 6 weeks, during all of the personal exercises (and there were a lot), they have found excuse after excuse not to participate. The #1 excuse for Tara is that she is wondering what the tabloids will say (like someone is really checking for her). I honestly just don’t believe that they are a couple, if they were, they wouldn’t mind getting personal about their relationship.


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4. Michelle & Cody


Cody and Michelle instantly fell for each other on the Bachelor and Bachelorette  spin-off, Bachelor In Paradise. But the strain in their relationship began when Michelle started to realize that Cody is obsessed with his online persona. She also realized that he is more sensitive than what she expected.

During their time in the house, Elizabeth and Jim helped them realize that Cody gives in too quickly in confrontation and never stands his ground. While reconnecting, they also realized that they need more than sex for a successful relationship; because that was the only thing the seemed to agree on.

My thoughts: At first, I didn’t think Michelle wanted to be with Cody because everything he seemed to do and say got on her last nerve. But as weeks went by, I learned that they just needed to work on other parts of their relationship.

5. Brittish & Lorenzo

Courtesy of WEtv

Brittish and Lorenzo’s problem was a big one: INFIDELITY.

While in the house, they learned what their triggers are. Lorenzo admitted to having four encounters with other women, but he also admitted that he doesn’t like it when Brittish doesn’t listen to him. Meanwhile, Brittish doesn’t like it when Lorenzo shuts down and she’s trying to be serious.

Judge Toler told both of them: “[Brittish], you have to learn how to be strong enough to know what you can and cannot take. You have to be strong, but strong doesn’t mean crazy.”

“[Lorenzo], you have to be completely honest with her so she can heal and stop trying to please yourself, or she would eventually not like it.”


I think the bottom line for all of these couples is: COMMUNICATION IS A MAJOR KEY!

If you communicate things, they are less likely to be misconstrued and your relationship will be the most healthy.

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If you have any comments about the couples on Marriage Boot Camp, comment below.