Recently, I did a post about the new BET docuseries, Chasing Destiny, which stars Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson. They were on the search for the next big girl group and wanted girls who were ready to get to WORK.

So last night…the moment we’ve all been waiting for happened: the group was chosen!

From left to right: Ashly, Shyann, Brieanna, Gabby, and Kristal

The girls that were chosen are fan favorites: Ashly, Shyann, Brieanna, Gabby, and Kristal. Although some fans would have LOVED for Mayah and Skye to have been added, we were very happy with Kelly Rowland’s choice.

P.S. I still don’t understand how Kelly brought Skye back after elimination and still didn’t put her in the group, but okay.

Aside from that, Kelly was super duper proud of her choice. She even has descriptions for the girls: Ashly is the soul, Shyann is the energy, Gabby is the bass, Kristal is the heart, and Brieanna is the full package (she eats, sleeps, and breathes music).

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But choosing the group wasn’t the hardest part. The girls now had to put the work in. Frank Gatson couldn’t wait to start training the girls…and even gave them some reads *inserts eye emoji*

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He even told Shyann that she couldn’t have a doughnut lol.┬áBut the moral of the story was to take care of your body!

Last but not least, the girls received some great advice from the legendary group, New Edition.

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The number one thing New Edition told the group was to never let their egos get in the way of their sisterhood! Great advice guys because they are all they have at the end of the day.

There are more episodes on the way but overall, the girls are great and their voices are amazing together. They even impressed a lot of execs on their first performance!

But keep watching, there’s more SANGIN’ and drama on the way!

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