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Kelly Rowland is back with an all-new spin on “reality television”. Her docuseries, “Chasing Destiny”, is a show about inspiring artists with hopes of making it in the music business.


She and the renowned choreographer and directer Frank Gatson are “[on the search for] stars, not reality stars”. They both give their experiences and advice to the aspiring girls to make it in the entertainment business. (Did I mention that Frank worked with Beyonce? 😉 )

Their goal is to have this process “organically happen”. Meaning they do not want to force anything from the number of people chosen to the group name. They are figuring the who’s and how’s just like the viewers are.

During the premiere last week, viewers had the chance to experience a new and refreshing look at reality tv. It reminded some of us on Twitter that the selecting process was just like America’s Next Top Model. And when the girls learned that they were selected, they were like: giphy.gif

Kelly is not only giving advice to the inspiring artists, she also talks about her experiences with long hours in practicing, excitement of being in a group, and the friendships that she’s gained.

I think this show already gives, and will continue to give, light to how selecting new artists should be. We’re only in week two so there will be more strutting and SANGING to come.