Soooooo….apparently a love triangle had Twitter in a frenzy this past Monday after a photo of a familiar hand showed up in Rapper Party Next Door’s Instagram. What got me was how Twitter users suddenly became relationship experts and passionate on who was right and who was wrong in the situation. Better yet, who was the hoe and who was the GOAT (greatest of all time).

Well here is my 2 cents: WHO THE F**K CARES? This is my thing, people cheat and make mistakes everyday. The only difference between regular people and celebrities  is that their mistakes happen in front of the spotlight. I also think that the females on Twitter were definitely wrong for criticizing her because we ALL know that we have that one ex that no matter what they have done or what has happened in the relationship, we will go back in a heartbeat. So judging her for going back is a bunch a bull. NEXT, the guys on Twitter were just happy that this time the girl messed up and got to take part in saying “girls aint s**t” because girls always say that about them (whatever, yall still aint s**t, lol).

I just feel that Twitter needs to take care of their OWN relationships instead of constantly trying to give advice to others because we’re ALL messing up in that department.

Well, there’s my opinion. Quite frankly, I am minding my own business. I am just writing because I couldn’t fit this entire thought on Twitter and I have to write something for you guys lol.