Have you ever wondered how two people that are so fit and made for each other seem to fall out, and when they do its over nothing? Or how someone who is so independent and beautiful seems to lose herself as she becomes one with her husband? Or even how a man who first supported his wife no longer wants to? All of these questions can be answered in Toya Wright’s new book, “How to Lose a Husband?”. This is a fictional book about six friends who go through trials and tribulations through their marriage and relationships. They soon learn that you have to be whole before you can be someone’s half. It has already earned five star ratings on Amazon and quickly selling out after just being on the market for two weeks. It is fictional with real life experiences. The book can be purchased at Who knows, you may learn something new about your relationship. I plan to purchase, do you?

For more information on the book and the inspiration behind it, watch Toya Wright’s Power 105.1 Breakfast Club interview below: